Introduction to Online Security at HacDC

Last Saturday, the Washington DC hackerspace, HacDC, organized a event to explain the basics of Online Security. It was pretty well attended and people have been asking a lot of questions.

As a guest speaker, I have presented an overview of DNS and another overview on security certificates. The files used for each are available in OpenDocument and PDF formats:

- DNS: Domain Name System - an overview - OpenDocument - PDF

- Security Certificates - an overview - OpenDocument - PDF

Thanks to HacDC for the organization, especially to Enrique, this was a very good opportunity.

Coincidentally, the NSA program "MORECOWBELL" has been revealed by some Europeans newspapers the day before (based on Snowden's files). A related document explains how the NSA tries to pry on the DNS traffic, both actively and passively. The paper explains the DNS system as well and the different projects to improve its security and privacy, or to replace it.

Also, for people who want to learn more about cryptography in the DC metro area, here are some extra resources:

- The International Spy Museum as a large exibit on cryptography, from the antiquity to the current era. You can also find few books on the subject at the gift shop.

- The National Cryptographic Museum is probably one of the best museum to learn about cryptography and cryptography history. It is not a surprise, since it is part of the National Security Agency. Admission is free; I recommend a guided tour.

- You can't probably see the famous Kryptos sculpture since it is installed on the CIA grounds, but the similar Antipodes sculpture from the same artist, Jim Sanborn, can be found near the entrance of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden on the National Mall.

- And there is currently a temporary exibit at the Folger Shakespeare Library named "Decoding the Renaissance: 500 Years of Codes and Ciphers" through February 26.

publié le 27 janvier 2015